I admit. I have a new obsession. No it’s not shoes. Or handbags. Or the latest must have technology. It’s my newest statement piece to adorn my perfectly pedicured feet – these sparkly, blingy, colorful, eye-catching barefoot sandals.

I first saw these online with a photo of a woman wearing them in the sand and I envisioned myself somewhere on a beach at the Maldives or walking around the beautiful island of Mykonos and immediately bought a pair. And the addiction started. I now own them in 4 different colors and I”ll pair them up to match my pedicures, or my outfits, or my heels….depending on my mood! They are also adjustable at the back which is a huge bonus in my opinion for people with tiny ankles like myself. Not only do I enjoy wearing these around the house or on vacation and admire how my feet shine bright like a diamond when the light hits these beautiful jewels, my favorite way is to pair them with a simple pair of pumps to take it from wow to WOWWWW….see the difference? 😉